Suryadatta Education Foundation’s

Suryadatta College of
Hospitality Management & Travel Tourism (SCHMTT)

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ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Institutes & Accredited by NVT - QC, ANAB & IAF
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Code of Conduct for Staff



1. I shall uphold the honour and image of Suryadatta Group of Institutions at all times.
2. I shall be totally impartial, fair and just to all students in assessment.
3. I shall encourage honest dissent and new ideas in discussion.
4. I shall never be inadequately prepared for class discussion.
5. I shall not give wrong or misleading answer to students. I shall clarify them after consulting others.
6. I shall shun all parochial tendencies based on caste, religion, race and gender.
7. I shall not use offensive insinuating or sarcastic remarks. I shall be mature and tactful, while dealing with students/peers.
8. I shall develop mutual trust with students/peers.
9. I shall not indulge in cheap popularity. I shall maintain highest standards of discipline and social grace.
10. I shall maintain punctuality for the class and never miss any class without prior sanction of leave and arranging substitution.
11. I shall bring to the notice of my seniors any misconduct of my students/colleagues that may bring disrepute to SURYADATTA GROUP OF INSTITUTES.