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Study Tour

curriculum SCHMTT has organized industry visit to Sula winery for the BSC HS SY & TY students to enhance the wine production knowledge and to explore the exciting career in beverage industry.


As a part of curriculum SCHMTT has organized industry visit to Sula winery for the BSC HS SY & TY students to enhance the wine production knowledge and to explore the exciting career in beverage industry.

Sula Vineyards is located approximately 230 kms from Pune. It is a perfect getaway on a Weekdays for students educational visit of acres of land with wine grape plants, a wine factory and wine tasting. Iternery for visit for a day  winery tour, wine tasting, at their rooftop restaurant as well as restaurants Little Italy and Soma which is adjacent to the main building. It also houses an amphitheater and landscape gardening which can become an alternate picnic spot.

A guide met us at the ground floor reception who gave us a brief history of the company and then took us through various steps of wine making, tank maturing, barrel maturing and procedure for bottling, etc. in the factory located behind the main building. Towards the end, he lead us to a large hall which has on ambience of a vintage bar with wooden barrels as the theme. Here, we were given a brief understanding about the types of wines and also we got to taste white, red and rose wines. 

 Outcome - Students learn wine grape growing process, grape crushing, fermentation and storage of wine. had very good experience of Winery visit as it was live demo for them how wines are made and how vineyards are maintained and  they understood complete processes of Vinification. The visit was worth even it was time consuming for traveling.

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Suryadatta College of Hospitality Management & Travel Tourism, organizes study tours for its students at Independence Brewery Mundhwa Park, Pune.

Suryadatta College of Hospitality Management & Travel Tourism, Pune organizes study tours for its students at Independence Brewery Mundhwa Park, Pune.

The aim of visit is adding value to the Curriculum, as on site visit makes better learning experience.
On 12th February 2018, the first year and Third Year students of BSc Hospitality visited Independence Brewery which is located in Mundhwa, Pune. Independence Brewery is a pub brewery manufacturing a comprehensive variety of gourmet and craft beers .The process of manufacturing beer at this brewery is similar to normal beers.

Mr. Vinayak, the General Manager welcomed the students and guided to the brewery and introduced to Mr. Pruthvi Brew Manager. He showed them basic beer ingredients which they import from Belgium, students also seen various cereals used for preparing beer. Students had visited the complete brew system and witness the step by step beer making process. From selection of Grains, crushing, boiling, fermentation to draft system.

The students were happy that they had been given the opportunity to experience the beer manufacturing process and to actually see the ingredients like hops and barley of which they had only seen the pictures.

Students at brew counter for brew presentation
Brew Master has showed various types of beers and explained the types of beer and technical difference between each other. He explained the difference between bottled beer and freshly brewed beers.

Various in-house brew presentation Mr. Ganesh explaining students about the brew process

At the end of the Tour, the students asked Mr. Pruthvi and Mr. Vinayak questions which they answered with patience and also told the students that “to be successful in the industry they have to work hard and be enthusiastic about their careers”.

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To add value to the knowledge from the curriculum and the current trends in Hospitality the faculty & students of Suryadatta College Of Hospitality Management, Travel And Tourism went for a visit to Best Brew Sports Bar At Four Points By Sheraton & the Independence Brewery

Mr. Aniket Wadekar (Bar Manager),Mr Harpreet Arora (Team Leader) of Best Brew Sports Bar at Four Points By Sheraton inducted the students to the different departments in the hotel by taking them on a tour. From back of the house areas to the front of the house areas the students were briefed about the working procedures and the hotels standards.

The final destination was the hotel’s Sports Bar-Best Brew. Here Mr. Aniket Wadekar (Bar Manager),Mr Harpreet Arora (Team Leader) imparted their expertise and knowledge about the intricacies of Bar Management like Controls, Store, indenting, stock keeping, book keeping, licenses required and the legal stamping of peg measures from the excise department  . They then showed the students different types of liquors and wines from around the world including the most expensive Scotch sold in the bar “The Blue Label, by Johnny Walker”. They even briefed the students with the layout and the operating systems used in the bar including how to use the Micros software which is used for order taking and billing.

The students were able to see and observe all that they had learnt in the classrooms and thus their concepts became clearer.

Next  was the visit to the Independence Brewery which is a micro brewery where they make many different types of beers mainly from Belgium and Germany. The Manager and staff explained the beer making process by taking the students for a tour of the brewery. They explained to them the different machinery and ingredients used in the processing of beer & also the difference between draught beers and bottled beers and the importance of serving beer at the right temperature.

At the end of the session the students asked many questions about the right mannerisms & attitude required in the hospitality & bar Industry. The Mentors answered all the questions with patience and told the students that to be successful in the industry they have to work hard and be enthusiastic about their careers.

Study Tour To Sula Winery, Nashik


The curriculum for Hotel Management students includes  knowledge of the different wines of the world, their characteristics and the wine making process. To add value to the curriculum  SCHMTT conducted a study tour for the 2nd and 3rd year students to the Sula Wineries in Nashik The students were taken on the study tour to reinforce the classroom teachings and to give them a firsthand experience of the wine making process.

At the Sula Winery they were able to see and experience the vineyards, the different types of grapes grown there and the machinery and equipment used for making wine. They were explained the methodology of making wines in detail by the experts at the winery. A wine tasting session was also conducted and the students were explained how to taste a wine and the different criteria by which to rate a wine.

Wine has always been popular in Europe and other parts of the world and is now becoming a popular drink in India. The climate and soil of the Nashik region of Maharashtra is very conducive to the growth of grape vines and therefore this region produces the maximum wine in India. Some of the wines produced here have attained international fame and have won international awards.

The students were very happy with their experience and returned with a better knowledge and understanding of wines.


Suryadatta College of Hospitality management visit to ABC Cheese Farm- Westin Hotel-Oakwood Residences

Study visit to a Cheese Factory ( ABC Farms), Luxury Business hotel ( Westin Hotel) and an Apartment Hotel ( Oakwood Residences0

13th August 2012

For all the Hotel Management students

ABC Farms
The aim of this visit was to show the students how natural cheese is made. Cheese is used extensively in Continental cooking and is also served as one of the courses in the French Classical menu. Cheese for most Indians is processed Cheese such as Amul or Britannia. However it is the natural cheeses which are of importance in the Catering business.



The aim of Suryadatta College of Hospitality Management,Travel and Tourism is to reinforce the classroom teaching by organizing syllabus related study tours to help the students learn better

A  study tour was organized for the 1st year students of B.Sc – Hospitality Studies Program to ABC Cheese farms 20THMarch 2015